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Interested to hear from the actual experts surrounding Gaia-X? Do you equally feel that Gaia-X is the most inspiring and aspiring initiative of our generation and shaping the digital economy of tomorrow? Are you one of these people that struggle to understand Gaia-X, but still wish to understand more?

Vassilia Orfanou, the CMO of Gaia-X, a veteran in 360 communications for the past 20 years delves into the intrigue, mystery, current status, progress, and next steps of Gaia-X in collaboration with its esteemed members, management, board of directors and overall community.

If you need help understanding our story and want a little more of Gaia-X to spice up your day, come along for the adventure!

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Featured Episode



Gaia-X Strategy

Reflecting on the Gaia-X Framework, our CEO, Francesco Bonfiglio addresses the latest developments from a strategic and visionary angle, concretely answering on the most burning questions.

Date Title Duration
June 22, 2022 10:12 Gaia-X Strategy – Episode 1


Gaia-X Technology

Reflecting on the Gaia-X Framework, our CTO, Pierre Gronlier, takes a dive into the data infrastructure ecosystem and explains the latest technology developments.

Date Title Duration
June 27, 2022 12:04 Gaia-X Technology – Episode 1


Gaia-X Framework

Reflecting on the Gaia-X Framework, our COO, Roland Fadrany discusses his recent placement with the Association. He also embarks on a discussion about the priorities, latest developments, and next steps from an operational and project angle.

Date Title Duration
July 6, 2022 16:11 Gaia-X Framework – Episode 1


Gaia-X Federation Services

Reflecting on the latest developments and progress by the GXFS4Gaia-X, Andreas Weiss, GXFS project manager and head of the digital business models division at eco – Verband der Internetwirtschaft e. V. takes us on a spin on federation services, a core element of the Gaia-X Framework and related infrastructure.

Date Title Duration
July 1, 2022 14:08 Gaia-X Federation Services – Episode 1

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Gaia-X accelerates its adoption phase – year 2

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  • CEO Series: 30 minutes with the CEO
  • CTO Series: Coding with the CTO
  • GXFS Series
  • The Business Impact of Gaia-X
  • The Social Impact of Gaia-X
  • The Lighthouse Series
  • The Hub Series
  • The Committee Series
  • Health Data Space Series
  • Mobility Data Space Series
  • Manufacturing Data Space Series
  • Agri Data Space Series

And many more…

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Be a frontrunner and send your ideas today

Brainstorm with the Gaia-X Comms team one to one. Be part of the Gaia-X Podcast Series.

Be a frontrunner and send your ideas today

Brainstorm with the Gaia-X Comms team one to one. Be part of the Gaia-X Podcast Series.