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Gaia-X supports Health Innovation Council and its innovative approach to the healthcare system

Krzysztof Lechowski, Key Research & Comms Expert
Gaia-X editorial team

Editor in Chief: Vassilia Orfanou, CMO of Gaia-X

The Health Data Innovation Council, on 21 June 2022, released a new White Paper: “Unlocking the power of data in healthcare: a European vision”. This paper presents an important document that tackles the barriers that the health care system faces. It is an urgent call to position the reform regulation of valuable infrastructure that can save lives and cut the cost of hospitalisation and treatment in the ageing society.

In a matter of minutes, improved insight and knowledge may be provided through data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence (AI). The Health Data Innovation Council has four pillars for its future vision of the healthcare system: personalisation, predictiveness, prevention, and engagement.

Upskilling and modernising the system are required to alter outdated and ineffective data management and analysis, according to the White Paper.

The key recommendations of the Health Data Innovation Council align with the Gaia-X goals in the following direction:

  • Bring clarity and simplification to the legal framework in data-sharing and data usage. Gaia-X works diligently to conceptualise “regulation by automatisation”.
  • Facilitate the development of centralised data platforms to connect all participants in a federated data ecosystem.
  • Drive database interoperability to provide continuous, citizen-centric, and safe data interchange.
  • Adopt and promote the creation of data ecosystems and centralised efforts and facilitate cultural change. Gaia-X led the way with the lighthouse projects, expanding to 17 hubs across Europe, and other parts of the world.

The white paper argues that the revolution in healthcare is becoming increasingly data driven. It is a key component of innovation in medical research, patient treatment, and population health optimisation. According to the study, data is the only source that must be handled, filtered, analysed, and linked to other sources to create a modernised data ecosystem, after which it may serve as a vital resource for cutting-edge AI algorithms.

The HDIC’s White Paper echoes Gaia-X’s very first Healthcare Data Space Event, which took place on 4 April 2022.

During the Healthcare Data Space Event, Ulf Nehrbass from the Luxembourg Institute of Health expertly explained Gaia-X and the Health Data Innovation Council’s approach to healthcare and the importance of making health data accessible at scale and enabling the creation of health insights “Digitalisation is changing the way we live our lives. It has made a huge impact on every aspect. We are harnessing its power and reach to create a sovereign and trustable data space that protects patients’ privacy and provides them access to the best care possible”.

We can already observe how the tech and healthcare communities influence the pan-national legislative bodies. The 2022 Data Act, published by the European Commission, emphasises the need for European shared data spaces in a variety of industries, including health. The Data Acts adoption will help both consumers and companies in several ways. An official legislative proposal for a European Health Data Space (EHDS) was made public by the European Commission. It is projected to be implemented in 2022. The EHDS is essential for developments in sickness prevention, diagnosis, and treatment from the perspective of patients as well as for improvements in the accessibility, effectiveness, and sustainability of healthcare systems.

The latest article on the subject is available here.

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