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Web3.0 Software Developer

Consultation on the Gaia-X Policy Rules Document


  • Europe – Brussel is the HQ
  • Remote Work
  • Travelling to/from HQ or other locations required on-demand (typically on a monthly basis)


  • Min 3Y in the role of Software Developer using open-source software
  • Min 1Y of remove work experience
  • Relevant development experience with contributions to open-source software projects
  • Bachelor in Computer Science or relevant field


  • Tech-savvy mindset and early adopter
  • Proactive
  • Resilient
  • English


  • Advanced knowledge in Smart contract development (ERC-20) and dApps
  • Able to set up transaction workflow with Decentralised Identity and Verifiable Credentials
  • Familiar with the Polkadot framework, including parachains and alternatives such as Tezos and Solana
  • Developer experience in using and writing tested and documented REST APIs
  • A plus if knowledgeable in tokenomics
  • A plus if knowledgeable in DAO governance

Role & Responsibility:

  • Responsible for translating the GAIA-X Operating model into working code
    • Smart contract
    • Develop Oracles for smart-contracts
    • Be involved in the development of features on top of Ocean Protocol
  • Be proactive in sharing state of the art blockchain and token principles
  • Direct report to the CTO

Please send your application to info@gaia-x.eu