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Gaia-X shows its added value to medium-sized businesses

Gaia-X has what it takes to drive innovations across Europe, be it for SMEs or Global Conglomerates

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18 August 2021, Brussels, BE—Gaia-X European Association for Data and Cloud AISBL has recently announced a series of Hackathons. Coordinated by the AISBL’s Open Work (…)
The Gaia-X Association, a leading professional organisation, recently announced that it has now welcomed a total of 300 members, including small, medium and large (…)
How an industrial and trustworthy framework for artificial intelligence (AI) will accelerate the adoption of AI in Europe and make an important contribution to the (…)
Summer break is just around the corner, but there is a lot going on at Gaia-X. All groups within Gaia-X are working on the milestones presented to you in this issue.
Dominik Rohrmus is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Gaia-X Association. We asked him five questions about Gaia-X and his responsibilities.
Why is a new approach for data federation platforms needed in Europe and beyond, so that companies can extract value and insights from data that benefit data (…)
Have you always dreamed of supporting the idea of an international cloud network? Are you interested in enabling and shaping the future of data sharing? Then we have (…)
CloudProvider.biz chatted with Francesco Bonfiglio, Head of the European Association Gaia-X, about how the project is shaking up the Cloud in Europe. Sovereignty and (…)
We spoke with the financial expert and co-leader of the Finance and Insurance Data Space, Patrick Laurens-Frings about the development of Gaia-X. In the interview, (…)
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