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Gaia-X is the European Association for Data and Cloud AISBL with a mission to design a federated data infrastructure focusing on data sovereignty and availability, based on European standards and values. In a six-month period, more than 300 companies and organizations have already actively participated in the design of Gaia-X. Of these, 75 percent belong to the private sector, 40% of which are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The new Digital Sovereignty framework Gaia-X is developing creates room for self-determination, and the Federation concept is the pre-requisite to build a concrete European alternative in the market, long waited and deserved. Gaia-X is defining a set of common rules and mechanisms to enable transparency, controllability and interoperability of digital services to enable free and secure data exchange and build common European data spaces to drive a new era of digital economy. We do this through the definition of the requirements and their implementation in a technology framework through several projects run by the Association and by our members across countries. The joint endeavour of hundreds of representatives from business industries, research institutions and government aims to create new rules for cloud and data services to let organizations and individuals retain full control over their data and empower them to make independent decisions about how and who can access it.

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Job Description:

We are looking for a Program Management Director to take ownership of the planning, control and risk management across the ecosystem of the Gaia-X Technical Projects, including Association driven projects (OSS projects to build the Gaia-X technology framework), external framework projects (run by external entities but producing components that will be merged into the framework) and external business lighthouse projects developing Gaia-X business services in the market, to ensure their alignment with the Gaia-X requirements, and their reuse and co-development of the necessary components.


The role is a key role and reporting directly into the CEO of the Association. He/she will be responsible to develop and maintain the overall Program Plan of the Gaia-X projects, in full alignment with the CTO to ensure the translation into operations and execution of the technical roadmap of Gaia-X, and under the guidance and supervision of the CEO to ensure alignment with the strategy, vision and objectives of the association.

She/he will be responsible and accountable for the successful execution of the projects in portfolio, and the success will be measured in terms of deployment of the expected deliverables, in time, with quality and according to a defined process.

  • Project Portfolio Definition
  • Project Planning, Monitoring and Control
  • Project Risk Management
  • Stakeholders Involvement Plan
  • Project Milestones/Release Planning
  • Project Dashboarding and Reporting

Experience and Competences:

The composite reality of the many projects, and their strong inter-dependence requires proven Program and Project Management background, a real experience in running complex technology programmes. Talking the technical language with the CTO and the development teams, as well as understanding the business requirements from member’s consortia, while being able to streamline the complexity under an overall program plan, composed of several project plans, planning milestones, release contents, dependencies, constraints and reporting on a regular basis the status are fundamental competences in the role. A doer that knows what to do and leads by example, not a manager of doers, is what we are looking for.

  • +7Y overall working experience in SW/technology related environments
  • +4Y in the (last) role of Project or Program Manager for SW projects/products
  • +3Y experience managing iterative/agile projects/product lifecycle
  • +3Y in Director/Executive positions and/or reporting to CXO levels
  • +2Y previous experience as team member of SW development units
  • +5 projects, directly managed as PPM, successfully deployed in the market in the last 3Y
  • +2 projects, directly managed as PPM, failed to deploy in the market in the last 3Y
  • +10MEur maximum P&L size for project managed
  • +20 FTE maximum managed project teams
  • Mastery of SW engineering best practices expected
  • Proven experience in managing OSS Projects and Community is a desired plus
  • Sound knowledge of Cloud technology fundamentals is a useful plus
  • Experience as SW/IT product manager or business unit manager a plus
  • Experience in Cloud solution development or cloud migration projects is a plus

Hard Skills:

  • STEM degree or equivalent experience matured in SW Engineering environments and roles
  • PPM Certification (Prince2, PMP, Scrum) or equivalent competence gained on the field
  • Configure and use of typical PPM tools (e.g.: Jira, Trello, Asana, Monday, Hive, Project)
  • Experience managing at least two of the following lifecycle:  waterfall, iterative, Agile
  • Past hands-on SWE experience in at least two roles of: Analyst, Architect, Developer
  • Visual modelling basic background (e.g. UML, TOGAF, BPML, etc.)
  • Provenience from one of the following businesses: IT Sys. Int. / Consultancy / Start-up
  • Knowledge of the Gaia-X endeavour, scope, mission and specifications, is a plus

Soft Skills:

  • Team Player
  • Structured approach to problem solving
  • Exceptional Presentation Skills
  • Proactive in decomposing objectives in actions
  • Resilient and Flexible
  • Ability to work in international distributed environments
  • Fluent English language, written and spoken

Interested applicants should send their CV and a cover note by 10/02/2022 to Jeanette Fava, CFO:

Interviews will be held on a rolling basis: we therefore strongly advise candidates to apply as soon as possible.