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Core elements

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Gaia-X has 4 core elements: Federation Services, Standards, Data Spaces and Business Services. These are explained briefly below and in further detail when respectively clicking on each core element.

Federation Services

The Federation Services define the technical requirements and services necessary to operate the federated Gaia-X ecosystem, thus ensure the highest possible security requirements and privacy protection.

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Gaia-X is developing an Architecture of Standards, describing and aligning existing standards and codes of conduct while enforcing data usage policies. Based upon this set of standards, Gaia-X interconnects all actors to enable for the portability, interoperability, and connectivity of the data space ecosystem , thus driving a digital economy according to these standards and equally European values and norms.

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Data Spaces

An equally important core element of Gaia-X is the type of data relationship that it creates between its trusted members who adhere to the same high standards and guidelines when it comes to data storage and sharing. Data are no longer stored centrally, but at the source – exclusively by them. They can be nested and overlapping, so that a data provider can participate in several data spaces all at once, but still ensuring for digital sovereignty for each and every provider and overall for the ecosystem.

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Business Services

Gaia-X creates business value by providing common rules for collaboration within and across sectors. This way, it minimises challenges, diminishes the risks, creates new services, and adds opportunities for innovation and scaling. In cooperation with the committees, working groups, hubs, and members, Gaia-X defines and operationalises the Gaia-X procedures, policy rules, and technical specifications to further develop and provide services in a transparent, secure, open and interoperable way.

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