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Federation Services

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Gaia-X promotes federations, a new model of cloud data exchange. Data is acquired in all sectors globally, but it should not be concentrated in single places or owners. The new way of computing brings devices and data sources in the field directly to the cloud. This minimises the need for data bandwidth, bringing the computing processes to the data and adapting to data-gravity.

Through the Gaia-X federated services, several data owners can exchange data amongst each other, thus minimising data transfers and leveraging services for data that guarantee the identity, description, service characteristics, and service controllability among others.

Through Gaia-X federations, several technology providers can create and offer a network of services with a common identity, common self-description, common controllability, and interoperability across their nodes. This creates the necessary trust, the quality of services and the critical mass to create value out of data and to deal with data gravity and data distribution.

Through a federated model, Gaia-X providers offer a value that is not possible to obtain from highly centralised, proprietary, closed, non-federated and non-interoperable technologies that currently dominate the market and, they may not provide for the level of trust requested by users.

The full description of the Federation Services is available
within the Gaia-X Architecture Document.

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