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Federation services

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Federation Services as core of Gaia-X

The Gaia-X Federation Services represent the minimum technical requirements and services necessary to operate federated Gaia-X Ecosystems of infrastructure and data. These services will leverage existing standards and open technology, e.g. open-source software. 

In general, common frameworks will be used where reasonable and technical standards are applicable. In addition, existing certifications and standards for accreditation will be recognized. Federation Services will be enabled by one or more Federators as a community facilitator.

The first set of Federation Services will be provided as open-source software and will be made available for Code artefact according to Apache Software License v2 (ASL2) and Non code artefacts according to Creative Commons License with Attribution “CC-BY”. 

The full description of the Federation Services is available
within the Gaia-X Architecture Document (chapter 3). 

Find more information on the Gaia-X Federation Services
on www.gxfs.de

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