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Summit 2023

9-10 November 2023

Background Context


Gaia-X has been making remarkable strides towards market adoption. We are excited to invite you to be a part of our 4th Summit, Gaia-Xcelerate, where we will showcase the tangible progress we have achieved and the path we are forging towards a more connected and trustworthy future.

Gaia-X has successfully implemented concrete lighthouse projects in our relentless pursuit of digitalizing value chains across various sectors, such as manufacturing, mobility, agriculture, energy, and tourism. These projects are catalysts for change, integrating diverse players into common dataspaces and pioneering a cooperative business model. We are transforming traditional competitors into “co-opetitors,” fostering collaboration and synergies to unlock new levels of innovation and efficiency.

But that’s not all! Gaia-X has taken a significant leap towards transparency and trust. We have deployed a network of verification nodes, enabling the qualification and publication of the very first Gaia-X compliant services. These services will be showcased in a public catalogue, demonstrating the concrete availability of a trustworthy alternative to proprietary and opaque data infrastructures that dominate the current landscape. With Gaia-X, data sovereignty and trust are paramount, ensuring that users have full control over their data while leveraging its true value.

During the Gaia-X 4th Summit, you will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the remarkable progress made by Gaia-X and engage with industry leaders, experts, and innovators who are shaping the digital future. The event will feature inspiring keynotes, interactive workshops, and engaging panel discussions. Discover the latest insights, exchange ideas, and forge connections that will drive the next wave of digital transformation.

Mark your calendars for 9-10 November and join us in the vibrant city of Alicante, Spain. Let’s come together to explore the limitless possibilities of cooperative digital ecosystems and co-create a future where data is truly democratized.

In a nutshell, we want to:

  1. Demonstrate Market Adoption 🔄 
    • Manufacturing-X & Industry Specific Initiatives Driving Digital Future in Europe
    • Explore Up & Running Projects
    • Glimpse at 2024 Pipeline of Projects
  2. Build Transparency & Trust with the GXDCH (Gaia-X Digital Clearing House) ✅
    • Navigate the Operational Clearing House
    • Preview Upcoming Developments
    • Empower the Creation of new GXDCH
    • Learn how to Set Up a GXDCH
  3. Showcase Political Commitment from Europe & EU 📢
    • Politician panel supporting and advocating for the Gaia-X initiative in Europe


Follow each icon on the agenda page to discover how we tangibly embody these objectives throughout our Summit programme.

Why join us at the Gaia-X Summit 2023

  • Maximise Your Membership: Amplify the benefits of being a part of Gaia-X and gain a competitive edge like never before!
  • Easily Contribute to Gaia-X: Seamless integration and hassle-free participation in making your mark in the digital ecosystem.
  • Realise Compliance and Trust: Learn the secrets to establishing unwavering compliance and trust in your business.
  • Explore Use Cases, Interoperability, and Trust: Dive into real-life examples, discover seamless connectivity, and build trust among your partners.
  • Get to Know GXDCH Up and Running: Experience the groundbreaking Gaia-X Digital Clearing House in action!
  • Market Compliance Made Simple: Utilize GXDCH to ensure compliance and stand tall in the market.
  • The Latest on Interoperability and Connectors: Stay updated with the most advanced connectors for unparalleled connectivity.
  • Connect with European Initiatives: Discover how Gaia-X is the bridge that connects you to other European initiatives and programs.
  • Benefits of Endorsement: Discover the unbeatable Benefits of Endorsement as a member, paving the way for European funding!
  • Peek into 2024 and 2025: Stay ahead of the curve and know what the future holds for your business.
  • Dive Deep into the Lighthouse Projects: Explore the shining beacons of innovation and how they can guide your success.
  • Embrace the Power of Membership: Uncover the exclusive perks and advantages of being a Gaia-X member.