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What we are

Gaia-X is an initiative that develops a software framework of control and governance and implements a common set of policies and rules that can be applied to any existing cloud/ edge technology stack to obtain transparency, controllability, portability and interoperability across data and services. The framework is meant to be deployed on top of any existing cloud platform that decides to adhere to the Gaia-X standard.

Gaia-X is not a market operator, nor will it operate directly or exclusively any of the services required by the framework. Gaia-X services will be created, operated, and adopted by the market through operators deciding to adopt the Gaia-X standard.

Why we do it

The future of our economy is driven by digital economy, a new way to build value on top of the existing physical ecosystem, products, and services, using data. This is achieved through the creation of Data Spaces, digital ecosystems that represent the physical or analogical ecosystem underlying them, through the collection and exchange of data across the multiple participants and organisations in the value chain.

About Gaia-X

The exchange of data across organisations is currently constrained by proprietary, non-transparent, non-interoperable technologies that do not provide the necessary level of trust. Gaia-X aims to overcome this gap of trust by implementing a new generation of digital platforms providing for Transparency, Controllability, Portability, and Interoperability of services.

Our concept of sovereignty translates into the autonomy and self-determination users need to operate their technology choices. Gaia-X enables and boosts the creation of Data Spaces through trusted platforms that comply with common rules, allowing users and providers to trust each other on an objective technological basis, to safely and freely share and exchange data across multiple actors.

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