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Summit 2023

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Dawex is the leader in Data Exchange solutions to distribute or share data products, with trust, for any business case, in compliance with data regulations. With Dawex Data Exchange technology, organizations create data ecosystems and data spaces such as Data Marketplaces, Corporate Data Hubs and Industry Data Hubs to address economic, environmental and decarbonation challenges.

Aruba S.p.A. is the main Italian cloud provider and leader in data centre services, hosting, trust services, email, PEC (certified emails) and domain registration, serving individuals, professionals, companies and PA. Founded in 1994, Aruba has 16 million users, with 2.7 million registered domains, 9.8 million email accounts, 9 million PEC and 130,000 managed servers. In 2021 it enters the telco market with an offer of FTTH ultra-broadband connectivity services. Over the last 20 years, Aruba has gained extensive experience designing and building its own green-by-design Data Centres and developing a unique know-how in the sector. It is active in several European initiatives, including the Gaia-X for federated cloud and the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact.