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Summit 2022

17-18 November 2022


Background Context

Gaia-X is UP and Running!

This years’ Gaia-X Summit,  concludes the 2022 adoption year, with the Association revealing its latest developments surrounding the Gaia-X Framework, its specifications and SW software, allowing users and providers  to share a data space infrastructure ecosystem defined by the key components of compliance, federation and data exchange and how these are related to trust, openness, transparency, and alliance with EU values

The Gaia-X Framework defines three key pillars, respectively of compliance, federation, and data exchange that will concretely enable the next generation of the data sharing economy. Its specifications, functional, technical and rules present the latest releases on the architecture document, trust framework, policy, and labelling guidelines.

These initial projects stand as the basis to create a plethora of business services, as it has been the case with the 7 lighthouse projects that will showcase live during the Summit their business case scenarios to support our understanding, business acceleration and a multiplying effect from one sector to many.

Such frontrunning projects will improve scalability; create a snowball effect of best practises; reflect on lessons learnt to further standardise, federate, and enhance further compliance with the Gaia-X framework.

Ultimately, the result is the delivery of concrete use cases, data spaces, sectoral and multi-sectoral business lighthouses, and the replication of such services via its 355-member base, national hubs, and member states at large.

Such scaling enables the creation of sovereign and federated data spaces; creates business value; brings the concept of digital sovereignty to fruition and fosters the next generation of the digital economy and the wider community good.

Earlier this year, Gaia-X delivered a series of data space events to push on the need for their creation, showing the Gaia-X working group approach to Health, Mobility, Tourism, and Agriculture and equally presented its approach to manufacturing during Hannover Messe, clearly revealing that the creation of European data spaces are necessary, cannot be isolated, and all industries are interoperable both on the ground and digitally.

Data spaces are key to achieving sovereign, interoperable and trustworthy data-sharing across businesses and societies – a key step to the data economy of the future. As such, this year’s Summit will continue pushing for data spaces to ensure data sharing and better control and date usage optimisation over full supply chains in multiple verticals, such as Health, Finance/Banking, Energy/ Sustainability.

Gaia-X will showcase the importance that the DSBA alliance is playing in this direction. The 4 CEO dream team of Gaia-X, the Big Data Value Association (BDVA), FIWARE Foundation, and the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) have joined forces to join forces to drive the adoption of data spaces across Europe and beyond and realise a data-driven future in which organisations and individuals can unlock the full value of their data.

With its rich, complementary set of players and skills, the DSBA Alliance will show and discuss on their ability to push and pull multiple layers, simultaneously driving awareness, evangelising technology, sharing standards, and enabling integration across industries.

A key business delivery of the Gaia-X Framework is presented through its lighthouse projects. These represent sectoral data exchange ecosystems that will comply with the defined objectives of Gaia-X on compliance, federation and data exchange and will equally align with the mandatory set of specifications of the Association to build a specific sectoral ecosystem of trust, transparency and openness that will then eventually amplify the business value of the Gaia-X ecosystem in that sector and beyond, in Europe and cross-border.

The urgent need for a new generation of reliable digital services that can be controlled by data subjects and data controllers in Europe and beyond, as well as the dedication of our members to bringing these services to market, are the two key elements that determine our speed.

Therefore, it is vital that the members of our community remain active in their working groups, and nevertheless engaged in the communication product lines of Gaia-X. Most recent examples include, a scientific magazine produced and disseminated in cooperation with the Gaia-X community, a series of podcasts, countless press releases, news, publications, videos.

With this, we are inviting any community member to contribute with their views in our article series, Gaia-X Podcast series and Magazine; share events, press releases and announcements, and contribute to our data space events, tech dives, and Hackathons. New member joiners are equally necessary. The benefits are specific and massive.

Gaia-X does not work in isolation and the work of the Association is interdependent on its bodies, members, open source community, committees, working groups, national and international hubs. The more unified our voice is, the stronger the echo of our work will be.

In this regard, an immersive resource is the EU institutional support, through facilitating appropriate opportunities for the digital economy to progress further and in an EU code of conduct compliant manner. Notable in this field, is the European Commission’s strategy for a Europe Fit For the Digital Age, and the Horizon 2020 programmes, that continue to invest in the most notable needs of the digital economy of Europe!