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Why Join?

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Gaia-X welcomes all firms and organisations, from the user or provider side to collaborate and join forces in order to construct the next EU’s aspiring generation of data space infrastructure.

Every member can engage in working groups to define and contribute to our roadmap, be it start-ups, SMEs, universities, public institutions, and large enterprises.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and joining our forces in a common direction for the greater good, shaping our future!

What’s in it for me

Users and Providers

Together, Users and Providers, work on use case and business projects and the federation of users and providers, thus creating value for all participants that cooperate to exchange, aggregate, and analyse data.

Start-ups & SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises)

By the federated model start-ups and SMEs among all participating organisations gain visibility and the critical mass they need to create value out of data. Together with large enterprises of users and providers, the SME ecosystem can gain a broader market reach, providing a market differentiator thanks to the trust they obtain through Gaia-X deliverables, such as the labels and the open-source reference software. FAQ

Civil Society

Gaia-X will mark a new era of Data Ethics awareness in the mindset of people, thus accelerating our effort to develop a new generation of platforms and service offers that adhere to the common principles and values adopted.

Join Gaia-X to…

My Benefits

The members of the Association get exclusive access to the technical development, the decision making and technical consultation processes by taking an active role in the working groups and committees within the Association.

As an exclusive benefit, all members have access to all collaboration platforms, the intranet, sector data specific events, EU Funding events, Hackathons, tech deep dives, and onboarding webinars among others, fully immersing to the Gaia-X sphere, openly sharing their experiences and deeply networking with the public and private sectors.

On an equal merit, Gaia-X members receive monthly newsletters on the operational, technical, funding and communication activities throughout the year. They equally receive funding opportunities at European and National levels; liaise and receive support from the Gaia-X projects and proposals office and enable their consortia by finding the best partners.

Being a Member of Gaia-X equally means liaising directly with the Gaia-X Communications department; customising their 360-level communications campaigns and enabling their presence and promotion through a series of campaigns, events, social media, press releases, video testimonials, articles, podcasts, blog and magazine articles.

Finally, all members receive exclusive invites to sponsor the Gaia-X Summit, the Data Space Events, the Magazine and Podcasts – all bringing massive and long-term media coverage and support to their work and efforts.

A list of these benefits may be seen below.

Participate in a community of practice, expertise and knowledge transfer, learn and exchange.

Interact with Gaia-X members through our platform (intranet) for new collaborations and projects! – In progress

Share your story by participating in speaking slots, interviews, blog series, or editorial pieces at our sector-specific data space events, the Gaia-X Magazine, the Gaia-X podcast series, our Hackathons, and EU Funding webinars, The Summit series, and others.

Learn more about our funding partnership opportunities, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and take advantage of a special communication campaign.

Receive monthly communication on relevant funding opportunities at European and National levels, from basic requirements to evaluation criteria.

Strengthen the Hubs Network by collaborating on tenders and encouraging partnerships.

Share your project with the PPO to receive an endorsement for your proposal, through a support or recommendation letter!

For more information on the endorsement process, please contact us here.

Currently in progress, the team is working on a knowledge base across most important documentation. At a later point in time, we will aim to enable a match-making set up to find the best partners among Gaia-X members and collaborate to build consortia together.

Co-organise your events, webinars, workshops alongside Gaia-X.

Co-create a dedicated social media campaign to inform about your news, activities, and events throughout the year, following the release.

State your presence through various statements, quotes, testimonials and video series throughout the year.