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The Association presents below its Gaia-X Framework, which builds upon the evolution of the X-Model and enables the transition from disjoint data & infrastructure ecosystems, to composable, interoperable & portable cross-sector data sets and services.

In this new model, Data Exchange occurs as a result of the contract negotiation being anchored into the infrastructure.

Gaia-X Compliance provides the means to objectivise the criteria for Natural, Legal Participants, Service Offerings and Datasets in an ecosystem or dataspace to take educated decisions using information that can be measured, compared and verified. Those rules are described in the Trust Framework document.

The Trust Framework can be extended by ecosystems and dataspaces to create their own specific criteria. These new criteria can be grouped to form a domain or market specific Label.

The Gaia-X Framework


Gaia-X Association covers three pillars:

  • Compliance: for a common digital governance based on European values.
  •  Federation: enables interoperable & portable (Cross-) Sector data-sets and services.
  • Data exchange: A mean to perform data exchange and anchor data contract negotiation results into the infrastructure.

Each pillar will have one or more artefacts in the form of Specifications, Software and Label.

For further details please browse here.

Interactive Knowledge Base

Click on the image or the button below to visit the interactive Gaia-X Framework Knowledge Base. Learn more about its components, functions & architecture along with the requirements for compliance.

Gaia-X Framework Knowledge Base