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Market-X 2024 Speakers

Please take into account that this page will be updated regularly. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

Ulrich Ahle

CEO, Gaia-X

Ulrich is a reputed executive in the IT sector, formerly Vice President and leader of the Manufacturing and Industrie 4.0 System Integration business at Atos in Germany. He is also the founder and member of the Board of the International Data Spaces Association in Germany and served 16 years on the Board of the Prostep IVIP organization until April 2018. After an apprenticeship as a toolmaker at Hella KG, he studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Paderborn. In his career, Ahle held several positions as a development engineer, Director of PLM services, sales director and Vice President. He has been part of Nixdorf Computer AG, Siemens and Atos. From January 2017 to November 2023, Ulrich Ahle was Chief Executive Officer of the FIWARE Foundation headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

Andrea Battaglia


Roland Fadrany

COO, Gaia-X

Roland is the COO of Gaia-X from May 2022 onwards. He establishes effective policies, processes and organisations that promote the Gaia-X vision and mission. With over 20 years of international management and consulting experience in the IT industry, he brings strong leadership and digitalisation knowledge to the team. He has led a global service line, successfully delivered complex, critical programs, and managed multinational development-, delivery- and partner organisations at companies like EDS, HP, A1 Telekom Austria, Microsoft and Detecon. Roland oversaw comprehensive innovation and transformation initiatives in various industries in Europe and the USA. He holds a master’s degree in “Engineering Management” from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. He speaks English and German and lives in Vienna.

Jan Fischer

Hub Coordinator, Gaia-X Hub Germany.

Jan Fischer studied politics and technology at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) before starting as a project manager for the Gaia-X Hub Germany at acatech – the National Academy of Science and Engineering. He has been the project coordinator of the Gaia-X Hub Germany since summer 2023.

Ana García Robles

Secretary General, BDVA

CT Professional with a strong background in engineering, network design, service design, and technology strategy with working knowledge in Telecommunications, Mobile Technologies, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities, and Living Labs. Experience in Research to Market implementation and technology application in several business sectors including Urban Innovation, Healthcare, Smart Manufacturing, AgriFood, Mobility, Education, Public Sector, etc. The professional experience developed over 20 years partly in the Telecom Industry and partly managing research and innovation communities, projects, and programmes as well as technology roadmaps with industry, research and policy makers at the European level. Experience both in the private sector and in public-private environments. Over 15 years working in international and multicultural environments, with experience managing technical, multidisciplinary and distributed teams. Extensive experience building strategic alliances with technology vendors and providers, SMEs, research institutions and public authorities (mainly municipal and regional governments) and policymakers. Speaker at public events and conferences. The impact and value of ICT technologies (in particular Data, AI and Mobile technologies) in business and society and innovation ecosystems are strong interests of mine. I would define myself as a Connector and an Implementer. Technology Strategy is my professional passion.

Pierre Gronlier

CTO, Gaia-X

Pierre Gronlier has been working in the IT industry for the last twelve years, with a particular focus on operationalising and scaling systems in the field of real-time communication and cloud services. With a penchant for science and an academic background in embedded real-time systems and applied mathematics in signal processing and machine learning, he started as a research engineer in video compression before joining Skype and Microsoft in Estonia. He then moved to OVHcloud in France as a Cloud Solution Architect.

Petteri Kivimäki


Petteri Kivimäki is one of Europe’s leading technical experts in digital government and interoperability solutions. His career spans from software development to crafting complex cloud and technology architectures for both companies and public administrations.

Petteri has worked as the technical lead responsible for implementing the X-Road data exchange layer as the national interoperability solution in Finland. He also coordinated the joint open-source software development of X-Road between Finland and Estonia. Before joining the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS) as its Chief Technology Officer in 2018, Petteri worked as a technology architect in a leading global consultancy.

Petteri earned a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Finland. He is also a certified cloud and technology architect, holding multiple certificates from renowned entities like AWS, Microsoft, and Google. An active participant in the tech community, Petteri has authored several articles on topics such as open-source software and APIs. He is also a regular contributor to technical working groups and a sought-after speaker at software conferences.

Petra Makovec

Operations Manager, Gaia-X

She is the Operation Manager in the COO Team. She has 20 year’s experience in Organisation Development, Portfolio Management and Program Management. Since 2009 she is running her own company delivering various Transformation Projects for clients in different Industries.

Lars Nagel


Lars Nagel is CEO of the International Data Spaces Association since its foundation in 2016. He is also a member of the Executive Board of Digital Hub Management GmbH, where he manages innovation and technology transfer. He has been a member of the first board of directors of Gaia-X and held the role of COO of Gaia-X AISBL in the first year. Previously, Lars founded and led GlobalGate, a provider of learning environments for industrial and research institutions. Lars studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Dortmund and graduated with a diploma in Engineering.

Alessandra Perna 

Senior Market Adoption Manager, Gaia-X

Alessandra Perna is Senior Market Adoption Manager Gaia-X. She has joined Gaia-X since its beginning, heading the coordination of Gaia-X communities, including Gaia-X Hubs and industry ecosystems. She leads Gaia-X Endorsement Program, supporting projects and business initiatives to advance Gaia-X adoption in the market. She also oversees the Gaia-X Data Spaces Business Committee and manages the operations of the Data Spaces Business Alliance.

Alessandra previously worked on program management in International Associations of different sectors. She holds a degree cum laude in Philosophy, a master’s degree cum laude in Neuroethics and a Master’s in European Project Management.

Michael Schäfer

Managing Director & CTO, Mobility Data Space

Michael Schäfer has been Managing Director and CTO of Mobility Data Space (MDS) since January 2022. His colleague Dr. Tobias Miethaner is Speaker of the Management Board and Manfred Rauhmeier serves as Founding Managing Director. Mr. Rauhmeier is also Managing Director of acatech, the German Academy of Science and Engineering.

After the Mobility Data Space was successfully completed as a research project in 2021, it has been transferred to the DRM Datenraum Mobilität Ltd. in 2022 and has been given a new, scalable platform. Under the leadership of Michael Schäfer, this laid the foundation for the expansion of the innovative data marketplace. Since November 2022, he oversees the continuous development of the MDS together with Dr. Tobias Miethaner.

The qualified electrical engineer looks back on more than 30 years in the IT industry and brings experience in the areas of industrial automation, image processing, Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. During his career, he has managed numerous major international projects and most recently headed the “IIoT Application Factory” and “Business & IT Transformation” areas of the Global Competency Center at Software AG in Darmstadt.

Michael Schäfer wants to generate social benefits through his work at MDS, because “the Mobility Data Space creates the conditions for society and companies to develop the mobility of the future.”

Hubert Tardieu

Independent Board Member, Gaia-X

After 27 years in Sema then SchlumbergerSema then Atos in various positions on Executive Committee including EVP for Global Telecom, Global Finance, Global Consulting& Systems Integration, Hubert Tardieu has been the advisor of Atos CEO helping him to form the vision of what will be our world in 5 years ahead. To help him in this task he formed the Atos Scientific Community in June 2009 which he chaired until October 2020. He is now consultant with his own company. Hubert Tardieu is the author of several books on Information System Design Methodology Merise and in March 2020: “Deliberately Digital: Rewriting Enterprise DNA for enduring success” Tardieu and all. Springer ed Hubert Tardieu has been successively, in 2020 the Interim CEO then in 2021 the Chairman of the Board of the Gaia-X AISBL until June 7. He is currently Independent Board Member in charge of relationships with governments.