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Welcome to our Media page! This section contains our Publications, Magazines, our Podcasts, and the latest Video material.

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Our Publications aim to provide an interdisciplinary forum for scholars, publishing professionals, scientists, researchers, innovative service providers, and many more to communicate original work surrounding the Gaia-X deliverables, but equally a range of topics that address and inform on current issues, risks, challenges, and best practices, surrounding the data space ecosystem and respective sectors, including policy, mobility, health, manufacturing and many more.



The Gaia-X magazine is a biannual journal publishing the finest research in the data space ecosystem following our collaboration with our members, management board, board of directors and external researchers. The magazine presents original work characterised by multifaceted articles of interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance, and surprising conclusions, aiming to provide rapid, authoritative, insightful, and arresting news and interpretation of topical and coming trends affecting our data space ecosystem.



Welcome to the Gaia-X podcast that takes you on a captivating exploration of the ever-evolving world of technology and data. In this fast-paced digital age, where innovation and change are the norm, it’s crucial to stay informed and empowered. Join us as we dive deep into the latest trends, breakthroughs, and challenges shaping the tech industry.



In today’s fast-paced world, video has emerged as a powerful tool for information dissemination. The visual element of video allows for the effective communication of ideas, enabling viewers to grasp concepts quickly and easily. On this page you will find a range of highlighted Gaia-X videos. If you would like to see the full overview of Gaia-X videos, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel.