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Tech-X 2024 Videos

On this page you will find session recordings recorded during Tech-X 2024

Tech-X Session Recordings

  DAY 1 – 23 May 2024

Welcome and Introduction

Welcome Address

Keynote Address

Gaia-X 101 – Workshop

Navigating Gaia-X compliance and app prototyping: Your path to app development within trusted dataspaces

New data economy approaches for the GIS market – leveraging Boot-X and the Gaia-X Trust Framework

Observability and Trusted Data Transactions

SOLID project : A solid foundation for Data spaces

Trust Indexes beyond Conformity

Policy reasoning

Safeguarding Financial Well-being: Leveraging Data Analytics to Combat SMS-based Fraud for Vulnerable Populations

Trust anchors, interoperable trust models, dataspaces etc.

How to make a data product for Gaia-X

Controlling Data in Gaia-X: Utilising Policy as Code for Product Carbon Footprint Sharing and Estimation

  DAY 2 – 24 May 2024

Dataspace connector in TEE and beyond: making a dataspace connector confidential

Achieving a higher degree of interoperability between data space APIs and components which use NGSI-LD, OGC, and IFC models or services

Evolving the Gaia-X transport protocol to different connectors

From Concept to Reality: Tellus and Gaia-X Infrastructure Integration

Demo Contracts

Presenting Hackathon Final Results and Winners – 3de Place

Presenting Hackathon Final Results and Winners – 2nd Place

Presenting Hackathon Final Results and Winners – 1st Place

Closing Remarks