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Which is the Gaia-X community?

The open-source Gaia-X Community comprises the entire, global Gaia-X network. Users and providers collaborate on work packages. Everyone is welcome to join the Community and contribute to the establishment of a federated data infrastructure.

What do we do?

Community stakeholders contribute to so-called Open Work Packages and share their knowledge and expertise via our collaboration platform and in webinars. These Work Packages are community-driven projects initiated by contributors outside the Gaia-X Association. With an elected chair and co-chair, Work Packages can choose their own organisational structure and function similarly to the permanent Working Groups.

The Technical Committee plays a supervisory role in the assignment and steering of the Work Packages, ensuring that their outputs – whether in the form of position papers, technical evaluations, whitepapers or proposals – are integrated into the technical development of Gaia-X.

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Gaia-X brings together suppliers and users around a common goal. Together we build the new way of doing business with global data.
Olivier Senot, Communication Taskforce, Docaposte
Olivier Senot

The full list of Work Packages, their relation to the Working Groups and the overall Gaia-X organisation is publicly available in the Gaia-X Technical Handbook. This document also describes how to create new Work Packages.

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Why join the Community?


to a thriving data ecosystem in Europe based on European values.


ties with expert communities in your industry and exchange knowledge.


in numerous Work Packages and stimulate innovation.