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The Gaia-X Endorsement Programme stands as strategic initiative to support Gaia-X adoption by engaging and supporting data space initiatives to meet fundamental Gaia-X mission objectives and principles. The Programme serves as a formalized structure designed to guide projects in aligning with Gaia-X principles, offering a systematic approach to fostering the growth of data space initiatives and adherence to the Gaia-X framework. The Programme targets industrial or public projects, selected and recognised by the Gaia-X Association for their relevance and significant contribution concerning the development and establishment of open, non-proprietary ecosystems for data exchange within and across sectors in full alignment with the vision and the goals of Gaia-X.

Rationale for the Endorsement Programme

The core objective of the Gaia-X Endorsement Programme is to actively promote the adoption of Gaia-X principles and standards, while recognising and supporting projects that seek endorsement in meeting specific criteria to achieve a high level of quality, compliance, and maturity in Gaia-X implementation.

The Programme’s goal is twofold: on the one hand, it aims to ensure that products, business models, and services created by projects align with Gaia-X vision and goals; on the other hand, it seeks to ensure that the development and operationalisation of Gaia-X framework components and necessary technologies address concrete business needs, are practically feasible and useable and are in line with user expectations and market demand. It is important for Gaia-X to elicit and understand user requirements via endorsed projects and to have active participants in the refinement, implementation and subsequent testing and industrialisation phases.

Different Levels of Endorsement


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The Gaia-X Endorsement Programme introduces a comprehensive tiered structure, encompassing four distinct levels – Endorsement Letter, Qualified Projects, Lighthouse Projects, and Lighthouse Data Spaces. Collectively, these projects are referred to as “endorsed projects”. The document presents the process, eligibility criteria, benefits and expected contribution per each endorsement level.

It is noteworthy that the endorsement Programme initially included only the Endorsement Letter and the Lighthouse Project endorsement. However, recognising the diverse maturity levels of projects within the Gaia-X ecosystem, the Programme has been expanded to encompass projects at various stages. This expansion is a strategic response to the evolving landscape of data spaces initiatives, providing a more inclusive framework for projects with different levels of maturity to actively contribute to and benefit from the Gaia-X community.

Each level is designed to reflect Gaia-X adoption and compliance level, as well as the project maturity in accordance with the development stages defined by the Data Spaces Support Centre in the Data Spaces Glossary. The tailored recognition allows for a nuanced understanding of and support for each endorsed project, while serving an incentive for continuous improvement and commitment to enhance their Gaia-X adoption and compliance.

Endorsement Program Benefits

The benefits accrued through endorsement are substantial and contribute significantly to an organisation’s positioning within the Gaia-X ecosystem.

  1. Increased Visibility: Endorsed projects gain prominence within the Gaia-X community, attracting more attention from potential collaborators and users.
  2. Early Adoption Recognition: Endorsed members are recognised as early adopters and pioneers of Gaia-X, enhancing their reputation in the industry.
  3. Enhanced Credibility: Gaia-X endorsement serves as a credible endorsement, assuring stakeholders commitment to Gaia-X principles.
  4. Market Advantage: Learn about Gaia-X Digital Clearing House (GXDCH) service offerings and business opportunities upfront.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Access to a vast network of members, businesses, and experts, facilitating collaborations, partnerships, and knowledge exchange.
  6. Resource Access: Access to exclusive resources and support, aiding endorsed members in furthering their Gaia-X initiatives.

Most importantly, Gaia-X endorsed projects are closely integrated into the Gaia-X requirements process, participating in the elicitation, evaluation and prioritisation of requirements (functional and non-functional, business, technical, legal, etc.) and therefore take a vital part in shaping the Gaia-X development roadmap.

Criteria & Benefits: Overview

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