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What are they?

Gaia-X Hubs are the central contact points for companies, stakeholders, initiatives, associations and public sector bodies in each country participating in the Gaia-X project. The aim is to set up one national Gaia-X Hub in each participating country. This international community of Hubs aims to nurture a dynamic, grassroots ecosystem that will help to identify relevant user requirements and to conceptualize use cases. Any organisations and companies that can provide use cases, expertise and resources, or which are able to become a stakeholder in the creation of data spaces, are welcome to join a Hub.

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What do Hubs do?


Hubs connect potential Gaia-X stakeholders, both within and across different countries and sectors.


Hubs increase user interest across Europe and globally to scale up the spread of use cases.


Hubs liaise closely with the Gaia-X Association to define requirements, relevant regulations and policies.


Hubs consolidate relevant initiatives within countries.


Hubs ensure efficient cooperation and avoid the unnecessary doubling up of efforts within a particular industry.

All national Gaia-X Hubs

Become part of our Hub! Gaia-X Hub Belgium is inviting you to participate in the design of a sovereign data infrastructure. Contribute use cases from specific sectors and benefit from the exchange of ideas and best practices.

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Why join a Hub?


You can contribute to a thriving data ecosystem based on European values.


You have the possibility to work on numerous data spaces and stimulate innovation.


You can strengthen ties with expert communities in your industry and provide input to discussions on innovation at the European level.

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Join a Hub

You are interested in participating in a Gaia-X Hub? Then write us!

Didn’t find a Hub in your country? We can support you in joining another Hub. If there is enough support in your country, we are happy to help you found a new Gaia-X Hub.

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