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What are they?

Gaia-X Hubs are the central contact points for interested parties in each country. They are not a body of the Association, but they may be viewed as think tanks and grass root supporters for the Gaia-X project.

The Association and the national Gaia-X Hubs cooperate. Any organisations and companies that work on and with use cases, create expertise and resources, or are interested to become a stakeholder and create data spaces, are welcome to join the Gaia-X Hub.

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Role of the Hubs and relationship with Gaia-X

The role of Gaia-X Hubs is a crucial component of the Association as they constitute the Gaia-X think tank, where concrete cases of implementation of Gaia-X data spaces are investigated, designed and implemented. Hubs are tightly connected to local governments through the ministry devoted to the Digital Transformation programs. In this way they have a fast track to propose solutions in line with the strategic political initiatives and aligned with the Gaia-X endeavor of the Association and of all other European hubs.

Hubs group together all members from a specific region, users and providers, to work together at designing ideas, whilst implicitely identifying the consortia that will be able to implement those projects. Projects envisaged by hubs receive the endorsement of the Gaia-X Association to ensure competitive advantage in gaining access to local funding initiatives.

Hubs collaborate across different territories to ensure the creation of pan-European data spaces where this is possible. An example everybody understands after the pandemic experience is the importance of a pan-European data space for healthcare, as the only way to obtain free circulation of citizens across borders, trusted verification of pandemic tests, collaboration across researchers and hospitals and a seamless experience of patient caring wihin and across European territories.

Gaia-X hubs have several objectives. Amongst these are:

  • Act as a local ambassador for Gaia-X
  • Identify territory specific needs and high priority data spaces
  • Collaborate with other hubs to develop common pan-European data spaces
  • Make Gaia-X real identifying projects and creating Gaia-X services in the market
  • Help local governments implementing RRF in the most effective way adopting Gaia-X solutions
  •  Promote the participation of new members in the association
  • Provide feedbacks on specific needs and requirement to be implemented in the Gaia-X framework

The combination of Association Committees (Technical Committee, Data Space Business Committee, Policy & Rules Committee) and Regional Hubs, create an ecosystem for translating concepts into reality and receiving continuous feedbacks.

The effectiveness of the Gaia-X project in the industry, the public administrations and the civil society, will BE the sum of all the effort from the Gaia-X network, and the more concrete are the result, the faster will be the creation of a market demand and the final lever effect on the European economy that we aim to.

What do Hubs do?

All national Gaia-X Hubs

Become part of our Hubs! Gaia-X is inviting you to participate in the design of a sovereign data infrastructure. Contribute use cases from specific sectors and benefit from the exchange of ideas and best practices.

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Why join a Hub?


You can contribute to a thriving data ecosystem based on European values.


You have the possibility to work on numerous data spaces and stimulate innovation.


You can strengthen ties with expert communities in your industry and provide input to discussions on innovation at the European level.

Join a Hub

You are interested in participating in a Gaia-X Hub? Then write us!

Didn’t find a Hub in your country? We can support you in joining another Hub. If there is enough support in your country, we are happy to help you found a new Gaia-X Hub.

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