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Making strides in navigating digital transformation with lighthouse projects

These projects aim to create a data exchange platform built on transparency, trust, and openness. They target multiple industries, such as Agriculture, Mobility and Manufacturing, to name a few. These projects will help us bring and create a coherent data infrastructure ecosystem. These initial business cases are the front-runners implementing the Gaia-X framework that will equally enable a comprehensive pipeline of future lighthouse projects.

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AGDATAHUB: A European data intermediary for agriculture and agri-food industry, this lighthouse project has joined forces with Gaia-X to create value in agricultural chains by mobilising data for technical advice tools to farmers and for healthy, traceable, and environmentally friendly food for final consumers. By using Gaia-X’s framework, Agdatahub and its 14 partners within AgriDataSpace project can create significant synergies and added value for the entire agricultural industry. This project will have EU-wide implementation in 2024 and will cover 10 000 000 farms in direct relationship with their 500 000 partners (upstream and backstream), out of which 80% are SMEs, with the aim to build the European Commun Agriculture Data Space.

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Automotive Supply Chain

Catena-X: It is one of the first industrial lighthouse projects of Gaia-X. It aims to create a secure and standardised data-based ecosystem for businesses ranging from OEMs, 1st Tier and to small & medium enterprises in the entire automotive value-chain. A joint task force with Gaia-X ended in November 2021, resulting in full technical compliance of the proposed Catena-X architecture with Gaia-X principles.

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Smart Cities & Urban Data

ELINOR-X: This project presents the first Gaia-X implementation in Switzerland. A new model of data collaboration is being developed along Elinor Ostrom’s Principles of Commons that will enable the public and private sectors to share data easily and targeted. Data is routed based on individually specified and legally binding data sharing agreements, directly from data provider to data consumer, without ever being stored centrally. Elinor-X provides the foundation for data sources of future digital twins that will enable government and other public service providers to solve important and pressing challenges through data-driven decision-making.

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Mobility, Transport & Tourism

EONA-X: aims to provide a trusted environment to unlock data sets and foster mobility, transport and tourism use cases. A primary focus is the optimisation of multimodal trips to contribute to achieving the zero emission target defined by the EU Mobility Strategy. A powerful demonstrator was delivered based on real time data coming from real production systems of airline and rail industry.

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Manufacturing, Industry 4.0

The European Production Giganet (EuProGigant): It is an Austrian-German lighthouse research project “for calamity avoiding self-orchestration of value chain and learning ecosystems” working on central questions related to the smart and sovereign use of data in manufacturing. Scheduled for the latter half of 2022, the project aims to deliver on machine connection and machine-oriented data processing using Gaia-X compliant edge architecture, thus creating resilience in the value creation ecosystem.

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Mobility, Transport

GAIA-X4 Future Mobility: A project family located in the mobility domain of the German Gaia-X Hub

The focus of the 6 projects is on the Gaia-X-based implementation of future mobility applications. Due to the product proximity of the applications, data-based networking with manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and users is particularly important. Around 80 players from all application, research and topic areas of mobility, especially information and communication technologies, are involved in GAIA-X4 Future Mobility.

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Mobility Data Space (MDS): The specific lighthouse project focuses on the future of the mobility sector that involves vehicle manufacturers to ride-share services, public transport operators as well as navigation software companies, research institutes, bike-sharing companies, and many more. One of the project´s key goals is to facilitate Gaia-X compliant data exchange to enable competition around innovative, environmentally sustainable, and user-friendly mobility – on equal and fair terms based on shared European values. The project is scheduled for implementation in the latter half of 2022.

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Omega-X: An Energy Data Space to boost the European data economy

This will include federated infrastructure, data marketplace and service marketplace, involving data sharing between different stakeholders and demonstrating its value for concrete energy use cases while guaranteeing scalability and interoperability with other data space initiatives.

Electronics Supply Chain

Smart Connected Supplier Network (SCSN): It is an open data lighthouse ecosystem along the lines of Gaia-X that enables data sharing in a manufacturing environment, resulting in fast, safe, secure, and efficient data exchange within the high-tech supply chain. Brainport Industries is one of the leading partners in this project. As part of the project scope, the team will facilitate new application clusters within SCSN and will scale up SCSN – from a content perspective – towards different industries.

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Cloud Services

Structura-X: A lighthouse project for European cloud infrastructure endeavours to enable existing Cloud Service and Infrastructure Providers (CSP) data and infrastructure services to be Gaia-X certifiable. The goal is to create an ecosystem of independent CSPs, orchestrated by a shared layer of federation certification and labelling services based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The success will be measured through a set of Minimal Viable Products (MVPs), which shall be fully portable and interoperable between different CSPs and certified by Gaia-X or a delegated certification authority.

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