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Projects and Proposals Office Benefits

  • Receive monthly communication on relevant funding opportunities at European and National levels.

  • Receive any details on the calls you are interested in, ranging from basic requirements to evaluation criteria.

  • Share your project with the PPO to receive an endorsement for your proposal, through a support or recommendation letter!

    More information on the endorsement process, please see here: 

  • Strengthen the Hubs Network collaborating on tenders and encouraging partnerships.

  • Currently in progress, the team is working on a knowledge base across most important documentation. At a later point in time, we will aim to enable a match-making set up to find the best partners among Gaia-X members and collaborate to build consortia together.

  • Interact with Gaia-X members through our platform (intranet) for new collaborations and projects! - In progress 

Gaia-X Communication Benefits

  • Join a community of practice, expertise and knowledge transfer, learn and exchange.

  • Promote our collaboration through a joint press release and reinforce quotes from the two CEOs.

  • Co-create a dedicated social media campaign running over 2 weeks following the release and informing about your news, activities, events throughout the year.

  • Co-organise your events, webinars, workshops alongside Gaia-X.

  • Share your story through speaking slots, interviews, blog series or editorial pieces through our sector specific data space events, the Gaia-X Magazine, the Gaia-X podcast series, our Hackathons, and EU Funding webinars, The Summit series, among others.

  • State your presence through various statements, quotes, testimonials and video series throughout the year.

  • Find more about our funding partnership opportunities on a first come first served basis and take advantage of a dedicated communication campaign.