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Gaia-X Association Releases its Vision and Strategy Document

21 December 2021 – Brussels, Belgium – Gaia-X, a leading professional organisation, has announced the release of its comprehensive Vision and Strategy document, authored by Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO of the Association.

A project to develop control and governance, Gaia-X aims to implement a common set of rules that can be applied to any existing cloud technologies to obtain transparency, sovereignty, and interoperability across data and services. Such aims are accomplished through the organisation’s three deliverables, including specifications, the code, and the labels, which have been developed in a joint endeavour with Gaia-X members.

Today’s release marks another important step towards delivering on Gaia-X’s promise of working towards a fair and competitive data ecosystem in Europe.

“Innovative data infrastructure is here, and we are excited to share the organisation’s vision and strategy statement,” remarked Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO of Gaia-X. “Gaia-X is actively devising and deploying a data infrastructure ecosystem that is open, transparent, and sovereign. Principles of fairness, independence, inclusiveness, and decentralised access are fundamental, and our proposals will have positive, long-lasting effects on data infrastructure technology across geographic boundaries,” he added.

The Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS) represent the minimum technical requirements and services necessary to set up and operate a cloud-based self-sovereign data infrastructure ecosystem (Federation). Services will be developed along the work packages Identity & Trust, Federated Catalogue, Data Sovereignty Services, Compliance, specifically producing technical specifications and baseline open-source code to be continuously improved and developed into operational services by the Gaia-X Community.

“GXFS is a core part of the Gaia-X ecosystem. It provides the toolbox of services, necessary to operate Gaia-X Federations. After the recent launch of the code development phase, we are excited to further engage with the Gaia-X Developer Community in 2022, marking the Gaia-X vision into real life operations.” said Andreas Weiss, Head of Digital Business Models at eco and GXFS project lead.