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Gaia-X Hackathon #5: Join the codefest on 26 + 27 September 2022

21 September 2022 – Brussels, Belgium: Gaia-X, the organisation championing data sovereignty, announces their virtual Hackathon #5 on 26 and 27 September 2022. The two-day event is dedicated to the collaborative technical implementation of Gaia-X.

This edition will implement a real-life end-to-end scenario leveraging the Gaia-X Open-Source Software and the Trust Framework. It will demonstrate why a federation brings value, how it is utilised, built and how data exchange can be done by enforcing the access control described in the Gaia-X Compliant self-descriptions.

“It is exciting to see how Hackathon #5 adds another building block to turn our vision into reality. It will not only make the latest updates from the Trust Framework available, but it will also bring together the pieces developed to-date to demonstrate how federation services, compliance and data exchange can work together to bring value in real-life,” added Pierre Gronlier, CTO of Gaia-X.

Join us by registering here and contribute to achieving this hackathon’s goals:

  1. Increase Gaia-X knowledge in the community, encourage collaboration and enable participants to leverage current open-source implementations and codebase
  2. Develop tools for creating/validating Self-Descriptions
  3. Enhance the use and further develop the Gaia-X Compliance Service and Gaia-X compliant Federation Services
  4. Check and validate Gaia-X state (architecture, specifications, technology, processes, and general terms & conditions) by developing service offerings and integrating use cases based on Gaia-X architecture and projects.

Andreas Weiss, GXFS-DE Project Lead and Head of Digital Business Models at eco, Association of the Internet Industry, invites you to “Share your talent at Gaia-X’s Hackathon #5! You will get all you need to start your data-driven business case according to Gaia-X principles. Join our GXFS session to kickstart Gaia-X ecosystems. Be part of the community and get first-hand insights about Identity & Trust, Self-Descriptions, Sovereign Data Exchange and much more.”

“The Gaia-X Hackathon assembles the architects and builders of the future European data economy. Don’t miss out on the chance to bootstrap your federation and walk the talk, together with the open-source community,” stated Kai Meinke, Lead OSS Community Gaia-X and Co-Founder and Business Lead, deltaDAO

The Gaia-X Hackathon is organised as a community event at regular intervals by the Gaia-X Association, the Gaia-X Open-Source Software (OSS) Community Working Group and eco – Association of the Internet Industry.

Do you wish to join the Gaia-X Lab? Please reach out today to Cristina Pauna, Gaia-X Program Manager of the Open-Source Community, at

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