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Gaia-X’s Firm Commitment to European Values: Shaping the Future of Data Sharing

Author: Anna Busdraghi, External Dissemination and Public Affairs Manager

Gaia-X is committed to establishing a data-sharing landscape rooted in European values. This dedication was prominently showcased at the Gaia-X New Year’s reception held on 23 January  2024 at the European Parliament, co-hosted by MEP Miapetra Kumpula-Natri and MEP Dragoş Tudorache. The event featured keynote speeches, including one from Pierre Chastenet, Head of Unit for Cloud and Software at DG CNECT, emphasising Gaia-X’s pivotal role in shaping Europe’s data-sharing future.

Driving the Creation of Common European Data Spaces Fueled by AI

The Gaia-X European Parliament reception marked a key occasion to underline Gaia-X’s support for two key pieces of legislation in the realm of European data-sharing:  the Data Act (DA) and the Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA). The Data Act is a comprehensive legislation that entered into force on 11 January 2024 and represents a cornerstone of the European Strategy for Data. Gaia-X welcomes this landmark legislation as it provides an added interoperability layer in the European Data Exchange.

More significantly, Gaia-X already actively supports the European Strategy for Data by actively participating in projects like the Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC), a European Commission initiative under the Digital Europe Programme. Working alongside eleven other partners within the DSSC, Gaia-X carries out crucial work in creating a blueprint for common European Data Spaces following the European Strategy for data. Similarly, Gaia-X is looking ahead and already endorsed key players within the SIMPL project, another European Commission initiative that will be instrumental in the goal of creating data-sharing standards aligned with European values.

Similarly, the reception highlighted Gaia-X’s support towards the landmark legislation approved by the European Parliament: the Artificial Intelligence Act. Although the AIA awaits final approval in the European Council, Gaia-X welcomes the progress towards establishing a much-needed legislative framework supporting the creation of a regulated and sustainable use of AI technologies. As AI is already a reality in several use cases in data ecosystems, it is only by regulating its use that a data exchange framework aligning with European Standards will become a reality.

Gaia-X and European Institutions: Forging a Common Data Governance Future

Gaia-X’s contribution to the European Strategy for Data and its support for the Artificial Intelligence Act are just one example of the established synergy between the association and the European Institutions. While Gaia-X is evolving to an increasingly global outlook, its mission to create de facto standards aligned with the EU legislative framework will always be undertaken in synergy with EU regulations. This unwavering commitment ensures the development of a data-sharing framework firmly rooted in European values.