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Gaia-X’s Hackathon #6 Concludes

The Gaia-X Open-Source Software (OSS) Community hosted its sixth Hackathon on 3&4th of May in Bilbao, Spain. It was the first time the developers met face to face to hack together and the first time we had a competition around it, awarding prizes in cash to the winning teams. The hackathon was collocated with the Tech-X conference – the first conference dedicated to the technologies used to make the Gaia-X mission a reality.  As in the previous events, it was a hands-on coding event, with teams mixed from different countries, companies and backgrounds, focused on real-life end-to-end scenarios which leverage the Gaia-X Open-Source Software and the Trust Framework.

Almost one year after the Gaia-X Compliance Service was first made available during the 4th Hackathon, it is clear that we moved from the question on what it means to become Gaia-X compliant, to how we put all the pieces together for the end-user. All seven hacking sessions had their activity anchored in a real life use-case, all used the latest implementation of the Compliance Service and all did their best to win a spot on the podium. Read our report to see who won, and check the Hackathon slides for more details.

For follow-ups, reach out to the session organisers (contact info in the report), or join the Gaia-X OSS Community mailing list.