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The Gaia-X Summit Explained: What are the concrete steps forward?

5 December 2022, Brussels, Belgium

The Gaia-X Summit 2022 has proven to be a major success. By showing what the Gaia-X Framework is and how to utilise it, we were able to present the move from vision to product.

“The Gaia-X Framework – the engine of Gaia-X – is up and running, and eight lighthouse projects have already started adopting it. We announced the launch by March 2023 of the services for a GXDCH (Gaia-X Digital Clearing House) – the one stop place to go and get verified against the Gaia-X rules to obtain compliance, in an automated way. We showed a demo of 170+ service descriptions from our members, ready in the take off queue to get the compliance through the Clearing House.” – Francesco Bonfiglio, Gaia-X CEO

Moreover, the CEO of Gaia-X explains in his State of the Union address at the Gaia-X Summit 2022 that the Gaia-X Digital Clearing House is a node of execution of the services of those compliance components that we have developed. This safeguards the distributed, decentralised node, not operated by the Association, where anybody can go to get compliance, and in this way, we want to enable a Gaia-X Market.

The eight Gaia-X Lighthouses have displayed their Gaia-X Framework-based innovations in the areas of mobility data spaces, tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing to further highlight the demonstration.

“The Gaia-X framework is defined by the core pillars of compliance, federation and data exchange, in fact resulting in bringing further user control, openness and transparency on the basis of a common governance documented and defined by specifications that can be used by Providers to design their own products and Users to control their choices.” – Pierre Gronlier, Gaia-X CTO

To guarantee compliance, we displayed more than 170 service descriptions from our members. Over the course of the adoption year, the Gaia-X Lighthouses underwent tremendous development, and each of them gave a live presentation at the Summit.

“Based on Gaia-X principles, we showcased how Gaia-X can turn a standard provider/user relationship into a new ecosystem in which both parties can materialise and monetise. To highlight the demonstration, eight Gaia-X Lighthouses projects impressively demonstrated the power of Gaia-X to build industry grade solutions for data driven value chains.” – Roland Fadrany, Gaia-X COO

The European Central Bank was also welcomed as the newest member of Gaia-X during the Summit,and two important partnerships have been signed with essential players in the European data ecosystem: iShare and x-road.

“This is in preparation for 2023, the ‘Growth’ year in our strategy, where demand and offer will meet on the first marketplaces of Gaia-X compliant services. The dream of a new generation of white boxed trustworthy digital services is starting to come true, and we are proud to be driving this from Europe, for Europe and beyond!” Francesco Bonfiglio, Gaia-X CEO

Special thanks to Gaia-X Summit 2022 partners: