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Tech-X Hackathon #6


We are thrilled to announce the prizes for our upcoming hackathon!

*Prizes are per team; therefore, they will be divided equally by the winning team members.

1st prize 3000 Euros

2nd prize 2000 Euros

3rd prize 1000 Euros

Hackathon #6 will be collocated with the Tech-X Conference, a new and broader event which aims to improve the knowledge of the technologies on which Gaia-X is built. We are aiming for an on-site event, with the resources made available afterwards.

The aim is to continue to work towards the implementation of a real-life end-to-end scenario which leverages the Gaia-X Open-Source Software and the Trust Framework. Projects which cover as much as possible from the steps below will be prioritised.

  1. Set the context, the real-life use and why a federation is needed/preferred
  2. Show how the federation is built/used
    a. How cross-organisation identity and management access is implemented using Gaia-X Compliant participant self-description
    b. How offerings are added in a catalogue using Gaia-X Compliant service self-description
    c. How offers for Gaia-X Compliant services can be queried in a catalogue
    d. How catalogues synchronise themselves
  3. Show how data exchange can be done by enforcing the access control described in the Gaia-X Compliant self-descriptions


From Proposal to Session

To propose a hack for Hackathon #6, you can reach out to the organisers or directly create a merge request / add your proposal to the proposal page.

The proposal deadline is 31 March 2023.

Follow the structurereach out to the organisers or directly create and add your proposal to the proposal page.


Get in Touch

For discussions related to the event, you can use the Gaia-X Open-Source Software Community mailing list at You can subscribe to it via the Postorius link. Other ways to get in touch can be found on our community page.

Registrations  for  the Tech-X event are now open. Register now!