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About Gaia-X

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A Federated and Secure Data Infrastructure

Gaia-X strives for innovation through digital sovereignty.

Our goal is to establish an ecosystem, whereby data is shared and made available in a trustworthy environment.

Our intention is that we give the control back to the users by retaining sovereignty over their data.

Our outcome will not be a cloud. It is a federated system linking many cloud service providers and users together in a transparent environment that will drive the European data economy of tomorrow.

Gaia-X Milestones

2019 – today

October 2019

The German and French Ministries of Economic Affairs present the project Gaia-X

June 2020

First expert forum and Ministers talk

September 2020

Gaia-X Association submits founding documents

November 2020

Gaia-X Summit with more than 5000 participants

November 2020

Official founding of the first six Gaia-X Hubs

January 2021

Official founding of the Gaia-X Association

June 2021

First General Assembly and election of the first Board of Directors

September 2021

Concept Gaia-X label

November 2021

Policy Rules Document

November 2021

Labelling Framework

November 2021

Gaia-X Core Services V1

November 2021

Second Gaia-X Summit

December 2021

Architecture Document

December 2021

Federation Services Kickstarter

December 2021

Vision & Strategy

January 2022

Federation Services alpha version

February 2022

Labelling Criteria

April 2022

Federation Services V1

April 2022

Policy Rules Document

April 2022

Labelling Criteria

May 2022

Ordinary General Assembly

November 2022

Third Gaia-X Summit

How does it work

To define a Gaia-X service, the Association produces three main artefacts: the Specifications, the Open-Source Software Code, and the Labels.


The specifications describe how Gaia-X works in terms of policy rules and technical requirements.

Open-Source Software Code

The code as a reference implementation automates the core elements of the control and governance framework.


The labels are automatically applied to a Gaia-X service to evidence its level of trust and ease the adoption by users.

The architecture of Gaia-X is based on the key principles of federation, distributed consensus, decentralisation, and regulation by automation, aiming to reduce the complexity, delays and costs associated when verifying the service credentials.

Core elements of Gaia-X

In-depth information about the technical concept

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