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Gaia-X deliverables

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Gaia-X fosters software communities and facilitates the interoperability between data spaces. Therefore, Gaia-X focuses on three deliverables:


The specifications describe how Gaia-X works in terms of policy rules and technical requirements.

Working Groups of Gaia-X Association write documentation such as:

  • The technical Architecture document to describe what a federation is.
  • Trust Framework to describe the minimum set of attributes and rules participants need to provide in order to be Gaia-X Compliant.
  • Policy rules, a common set of policies and rules.


Gaia-X Association develops through its Gaia-X Lab an implementation of the Trust Framework and offers an instantiation of it through the Gaia-X Compliance and Gaia-X Registry Services. The Gaia-X Lab also creates demos and proof of concepts that help to technically validate the Gaia-X specifications. The GXFS initiatives develop a set of software components based on the federation service specifications. The code produced is open source, and anyone can make code contributions to these projects. All software related activities are bundled under the Gaia-X Open-Source Community, which is a group open for both members and non-members.

Federation Services

The concept of Federations clearly delivers self-determined ecosystems, where individual Participants join forces to deliver services to be consumed within the Federation, aiming to provide value to its Participants and enhance the overall market value in the long run.

This is done by developing the software components and specifications necessary to set up a federated system that inter-connects several Participants with each other, aiming to develop new services and innovative products.

Such ecosystems consist of joined interconnected data and infrastructure ecosystems, aggregated as ‘Federators’ under the concept of a Gaia-X Federation, and individually orchestrated and operated by a set of ‘Federation Services’.

The full description of the Federation Services is available
within the Gaia-X Architecture Document.


Gaia-X Association will be able to label the level of compliance of services according to the compliance service embedded in the architecture document. Gaia-X will in fact verify the compliance of service attributes according to those specified for a specific level, but will let external authorities (Governmental, Industrial Specific, Standardisation Bodies, etc.) the ability to define domain specific Labels.

The ecosystem of label owners and issuers to be produced, will make the Gaia-X Label an easy and innovative way to seek, find and use services implicitly compliant to any specific needs without having to study in detail norms, regulations, and complex compliance rules.