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Gaia-X deliverables

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Gaia-X fosters data exchange and facilitates interoperability between data spaces. To that intent, Gaia-X focuses on three deliverables: Specifications, Code and Label.


The specifications describe how Gaia-X works in terms of functional and technical requirements.

The Gaia-X Working Groups cover topics such as and not limited to:

  • Data portability, Data consent for processing, Data transaction traceability
  • Credential management, Policy negotiation, Identities
  • Federated catalogue, catalogue synchronisation, Agent and Wallet,
  • Entity-Relation model, Compliance schema model


  • The above specifications are then translated into source code by our community.
  • All the software developments done by Gaia-X Association are open-source, and the association welcome members and non-members to use and contribute to those software developments. Contributions can be made directly in gitlab, and getting in touch with the oss community can be done through the communication channels listed here:
  • The full set of open-source projects developed by and for Gaia-X association is available on the Gaia-X Framework page. It includes the GXDCH development and the Federation Services.
  • The main licenses are the Apache-2.0 or the EPL-2.0 and the source code is hosted on


  • In order to operationalise services and build truly connected and interoperable dataspaces, Gaia-X Association develops governance based on European values.
  • This governance verifies the compliance of services according to the Gaia-X Label and lets external authorities (Governmental, Industrial Specific, Standardisation Bodies, etc.) the ability to extend and define domain specific labels.
  • The ecosystem of label owners and issuers to be produced, will make the Gaia-X Label an easy and innovative way to seek, find and use services implicitly compliant to any specific needs without having to study in detail norms, regulations, and complex compliance rules.