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Federation Services

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Data is acquired in all sectors globally but it should not be concentrated in single places or owners. Gaia-X enables and promotes the creation of the so-called Gaia-X Federations – a new model of cloud data exchange in the market.

The new way of computing, brings devices and data sources in the field directly to the cloud. This minimises the need for data bandwidth, bringing the computing processes to the data and adapting to data-gravity.

The concept of Federations clearly delivers self-determined ecosystems, where individual Participants join forces to deliver services to be consumed within the Federation, aiming to provide value to its Participants and enhance the overall market value in the long run.

This is done by developing the software components and specifications necessary to set up a federated system that inter-connects several Participants with each other, aiming to develop new services and innovative products.

Such ecosystems consist of joined interconnected data and infrastructure ecosystems, aggregated as ‘Federators’ under the concept of a Gaia-X Federation, and individually orchestrated and operated by a set of ‘Federation Services’.

The full description of the Federation Services is available
within the Gaia-X Architecture Document.

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