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Gaia-X enables the interconnection of all actors in the digital economy according to the Gaia-X Framework. This framework presents a set of policy rules, labelling criteria, a trust framework and architecture framework that enables for the portability, interoperability, and connectivity of infrastructure, applications, data and the delivery of Business Services, according to and aligned with the European values and norms.

What do the standards enable?


Interoperability between different data nodes


User-friendly service opportunities


Exchangeability among different service providers in a sovereign data market


And the collaboration and data exchange between edge instances and cloud instances.

Gaia-X standards are entirely based on existing standards for data and sovereignty as well as applicable infrastructure components. They include the following:

  • Regulatory standards: This relates specifically to legal and regulatory standards set in a particular jurisdiction.
  • Industry specific standards: Industry groups have been working on the definition of vertical ontologies and application programming interfaces; depending on specific privacy rules or business criticality specific industry compliance rules may be defined.
  • Technical standards: interoperability across providers requires a level of standardization across different technical building blocks.

The Technical Committee is continuously working on the Gaia-X standards as well as the Policy Rules Committee on the Gaia-X Policies and Rules. In doing so, the two bodies consult with other bodies – both on the user and provider side. All these activities are subject to ongoing consultations with relevant bodies outside the EU, such as ETSI, the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation (CENELEC) as the main European Standardisation Organisations (ESOs). The status is published regularly.

All Services that are later registered within the Gaia-X ecosystem must comply with its policies and rules and its trust framework, among the core deliverables of the Association.

More information about the Gaia-X standards

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