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Lay the foundations

Get exclusive access to technical development, decision making and consultation processes on technical aspects.

Shape the future

Participate actively in the working groups and committees within the Association.

Join the Data Spaces

Participate in the vertical ecosystems under the Data Space Business Committee and be part of the future European Data Space

Exchange Knowledge & Networking

Fully access all collaboration platforms, onboarding and news member webinars, helping you to learn more about Gaia-X activities, benefits, and updates.

Be informed

Learn about Gaia-X lighthouse projects and follow the activities managed at National level by Gaia-X Hubs.

Get in the Communication groove

Join us to a series of sector data specific events, tech dives, EU Funding events, DSBA alliance events; book your speaking slot, participate in podcasts, submit your blog to our blog series, or your article to our magazine, fully immersing yourself and influencing the direction of the data space ecosystem.