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Gaia-X Hackathon #4

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June 20, 2022 @ 09:30 - June 21, 2022 @ 17:30 UTC+1

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The Gaia-X Hackathon #4 will take place from 20 to 21 June 2022, organised as an online event.

This hackathon edition is focused on the approved, measurable set of rules needed to fulfil in order to be Gaia-X compliant. Those rules are available in the Gaia-X Trust Framework document.

With this regard, the CTO office would like to stress the importance of using and contributing to the Gaia-X Registry and Gaia-X Compliance APIs.

In order to streamline our effort to deliver Gaia-X, projects committed to contributing or using the Gaia-X Registry and Gaia-X Compliance API will be prioritised.

The event report is available here.


  • A. Increase Gaia-X knowledge in the community, encourage collaboration and enable participants to make use of current open-source implementations and codebase
  • B. Develop tools for creating/validating Self-Descriptions
  • C. Usage and further development of the Gaia-X Compliance Service and Trust Framework
  • D. Check & validate Gaia-X state (in regards to architecture, specifications, technology, processes and general terms & conditions) via the creation of Gaia-X compliant federation services and service offerings leveraging Gaia-X architecture and projects


Hackathon #4 will centre around and work towards the implementation of the Gaia-X Scenarios, outlined by the CTO, the Gaia-X Trust Framework and Gaia-X Compliance.

  1. Cross organisation identity and access management

    • as a user/employee, Bob, part of organisation/federation A, I want to get from A’s federation, credentials which describe the access rights that I can use in another organisation/federation B
  2. Registering Service Offering in a catalogue

    • As a service provider, I want to create a Gaia-X Compliant self-description and find the federation’s catalogues where to register them (ID/Link to the hosted SD)
  3. Querying Service Offering in a catalogue

    • As a service consumer, I want to find the federation’s catalogues and filter Gaia-X Compliant services.
    • Get detailed and protected information that is not ut of the service self-description
  4. Data exchange

    • As a data producer, I want to express policies and enforce access control (!= usage control) on my data, based on Gaia-X self-descriptions, using existing data pipeline toolset (no demo from scratch)

Deliverables of the Hackathon

  • Demonstrate usage of the Gaia-X Compliance Service and Trust Framework
  • Contribute to and implement the Gaia-X Scenarios
  • Contribute to the open source projects

More info available on the wiki page. The event report is available here.


June 20, 2022 @ 09:30 UTC+1
June 21, 2022 @ 17:30 UTC+1
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