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Home » News Release » Alberto Palomo Appointed as the new Chief Strategy Officer at Gaia-X

Alberto Palomo Appointed as the new Chief Strategy Officer at Gaia-X

Gaia-X is delighted to announce the appointment of Alberto Palomo as the new Chief Strategy Officer, enhancing the management team of our AISBL.

For the last two years, Alberto has been chair of the Governmental Advisory Board of Gaia-X and worked very closely together with us.

Originally from Madrid, he obtained a PhD in Mathematical Physics, prior to working at an R+D lab in Canada developing numerical simulations for artificial neural networks. Alberto then spent the following 5 years coordinating the technical development of Data Science applications for a large electric utility company in the USA.

In 2021, he was appointed Chief Data Officer for the Government of Spain, a novel technopolitical role aimed at prescribing data innovation policy, more so than the management of datasets. Under his lead, the Spanish National Data Office closely followed the innovative developments around European cloud and data, and with that assembled an architectural and governance model for the deployment of data spaces in Spain. Nationally, they also coordinated several WGs across Spanish ministries, federal agencies and industrial stakeholders, as well as promoted a series of normalisation standards for data management and governance.

At a personal level, he is an avid music lover and an ice hockey player, having lived for many years in Canada, the USA, and even Sweden.

Alberto will play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless alignment of users’ business and digital requirements are met by the offerings of Gaia-X. He will increase collaboration with existing data space and federated sovereign data & cloud infrastructure business initiatives. Additionally, he will align government strategies and expectations with Gaia-X’s operational context and the needs of key European industries, ensuring that Gaia-X Labels satisfy both. Furthermore, Alberto will work towards establishing collaborations with economic regions outside of Europe, significantly contributing to the expansion of Gaia-X’s global reach and impact.

We strongly believe that Alberto’s expertise will positively impact the growth and development of our association.