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About Gaia-X:

Established as a not-for-profit Association in 2021, Gaia-X brings together a broad range of organisations (large companies and SMEs, developers and users of technology, industrial players, and members of academia) around one common goal: to boost the European data economy by enabling the creation of common data spaces, in full alignment with the objectives of the EU’s data strategy. To this end, Gaia-X focuses on building a common standard for an open, transparent, and secure digital ecosystem that will serve as the basis for a new model of data infrastructure guaranteeing safe and trustworthy data exchange. Open to anyone but aligned with the European values of human-centricity, transparency, openness and sovereignty, Gaia-X’s ambition is to deliver unprecedented opportunities for innovative data-driven business models in the European Single Market, reducing the dependency from non-controllable technologies while reflecting Europe’s need for data and cloud sovereignty.. Want to learn more about Gaia-X? Click here.  Interested in becoming a member of Gaia-X? Click here!

Gaia-X Hubs – Join a thriving network across Europe

Lighthouse Projects – Making strides in navigating digital transformation!

Gaia-X Design Guidelines – The Design Guidelines ensure visual consistency across print and digital material.

Gaia-X Hubs Online Styleguide – This style guide is intended to help the hub teams to design their websites in the corporate design of Gaia-X, but still individually. It contains useful information on the use of fonts, colours, photos and the logo.