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Home » Press Releases » Gaia-X announces its first Mobility Data Space Event in Brussels on 19 May 2022

Gaia-X announces its first Mobility Data Space Event in Brussels on 19 May 2022

9 May 2022 – Brussels, Belgium: Gaia-X, a forerunner of the European and global democratic approach to digitalisation and data spaces, announces its online event on Mobility Data Spaces in Europe on 19 May 2022 from 10:00 – 16:00 CET.

In the forthcoming event, international experts and practitioners will discuss “How can dataspaces contribute to the development of mobility activities in Europe and better service for travellers?”. Whether you are an ex-pat moving to a new country, a new city, or commuting daily, mobility plays a vital role in consolidating European standards on freedom of movement. The forthcoming event will address the needs of a trusted, decentralised, and civic-oriented European data space.

“The decentralisation of data spaces will greatly enlarge the market and accelerate the citizen-friendly mobility services. In Western Europe, over 60% of people commute daily by personal car. But with wise and secure data exchange we can improve the public transportation system, which would also ameliorate the living conditions in our crowded cities. It perfectly aligns with the current trends in private sectors and with the European Union agenda” Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO of Gaia-X, highlighted.

“How can dataspaces contribute to the development of mobility activities in Europe and better service for travellers?” is the second event of the Gaia-X data space series that started with a Health meeting that was organised earlier in April. All relevant details, including the agenda, relevant presentations, and recordings are now available here.

The forthcoming Gaia-X Mobility Data Spaces Event puts in motion the European Commission proposal on the Trans-European Transport Network, an extension to the European Green Deal; and an acknowledgement of private companies that create green, decentralised, citizen-based mobility data spaces in the future.

On 19 May, Gaia-X brings together international experts from the public and private industries to discuss the European mobility landscape across the enterprises; their analyses, prototype solutions, services in production, and main challenges in delivering successful mobility dataspaces, both legal and technical. The event will culminate in sessions divided into urban mobility, intercity and counties mobility, enabler data standards, trusted AI, and Green Deal. Those panels are designed to create an atmosphere of cross-border collaboration that will help create a sustainable data infrastructure.

“Gaia-X brings experts from private and public spheres.  In the current world we live in, a trusted, open, secure, and decentralised data ecosystem is a fundamental component of further advancement in the digital economy, whether we speak of mobility, tourism, agriculture, healthcare, or energy. Gaia-X brings us to the 21st century and sets an example of trust and sovereignty for data”, highlighted Dominique Epardeau, Chairperson of Gaia-x Mobility DSBC and an executive member of the Mobility, Transport & Tourism data space EONA-X.

Such high-level events present the added value brought by Gaia-X, with the Association taking the lead in creating an overarching dataspace ecosystem in Europe, aiming to bring together diversified groups and sectors that will eventually realise the overarching mission of Gaia-X: establishing digital sovereignty.

The coming months will see other significant activities with Gaia-X, launching an inspirational Gaia-X Editorial Calendar for 2022, covering the Health, Mobility, Tourism, Agriculture, Manufacturing data space domains, alongside EU Funding events, Tech Dives, and membership onboarding webinars, among others.

Stay tuned for our first Gaia-X Magazines and our podcast series with influential personalities informing and discussing the dataspace ecosystem.