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Gaia-X Hub Austria and Gaia-X’s COO Roland Fadrany at the European Forum Alpbach

On August 26, 2022, during the European Forum Alpbach (Conference Week II TEC), the Gaia-X Hub Austria co-organised a session with the Austrian State Secretariat for Digitalisation and the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF).

This session commenced the national communications campaign for the European Gaia-X project. Throughout the event, respected professionals and stakeholders from politics, business, industry, and research debated the social and economic dimensions of data-driven value creation and the European Gaia-X programme.

Roland Fadrany, COO of Gaia-X highlighted how Gaia-X is proud of its growing community embracing European data sovereignty and positioning its community as a leader of the global, digital data economy, defined by data sovereignty needed for sustainable economic growth and social equality.

“The today’s rising difficulty that businesses are confronted with is to keep up with a business digitisation practice to remain competitive. The Gaia-X Framework helps businesses to expand their value and respective portfolio to boost the data infrastructure ecosystem. The rapidly changing and overlapping market requires a market push and pull shift to foster the next generation of the data sharing economy.” – Roland Fadrany, COO of Gaia-X stated.

The European Forum Alpbach (EFA) is a prestigious forum for advancing ideas for a more powerful and democratic Europe. It brings together the next generation of European leaders with the most inventive minds, decision-makers, and experts from politics, industry, science, culture, and civil society.

Further information about the event and the Austrian Hub may be seen in the following links: European Forum Alpbach, and Gaia-X Austrian Hub