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A Gaia-X Qualified Project designation signifies a project’s solid alignment with Gaia-X principles and technical standards, enhancing its standing within the Gaia-X ecosystem. Only Gaia-X members, acting as project coordinators, are eligible to seek this endorsement, highlighting their commitment to nurturing digital sovereignty and European value creation. To qualify, members must provide a comprehensive project description, adhere to Gaia-X policies and guidelines, and demonstrate clear use cases enabling data interoperability and portability. Once endorsed, qualified projects benefit from participation in the Gaia-X Endorsed Projects Community, contributing to Gaia-X’s objectives through feedback on requirements and specifications. Additionally, they gain access to shared best practices, receive support for alignment with Gaia-X specifications, and enjoy recognition through promotion on official channels. By contributing to endorsed project communities and Gaia-X working groups, members actively shape the direction of the initiative while capitalising on early insights into Gaia-X Digital Clearing House services and business opportunities. Through active participation and engagement, qualified projects play a pivotal role in advancing Gaia-X’s mission and fostering a collaborative ecosystem dedicated to digital sovereignty and innovation.

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Cloud Servicies

Digital-ter 2050: Digital-ter 2050 provides a digital framework compliant with European regulations. It offers open-source specifications and services to streamline procurement, foster collaboration among platform providers, and ensure cloud compliance. Governed by open-source best practices, it promotes transparency and innovation through stakeholder involvement, driving sustainable digital transformation.