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Who are we?

Gaia-X European Association for Data and Cloud AISBL represents the core of the organisational structure of the Gaia-X vision. It is an international non-profit association under Belgian law (French: association internationale sans but lucratif, shortened to AISBL). It has been founded with the goal to develop the technical framework and operate the Gaia-X Federation services.

Officially the Association was founded by 22 companies and organisations in January 2021. Until today, over 300 members from all over the world have since joined and more are welcome. The Gaia-X Association, AISBL members are committed to upholding the values of data protection, transparency, security, and respect for data rights. They are either companies with a background as provider or user of data infrastructures, IT-start-ups, research institutions or business associations.

The Association has no business interest of its own. It will develop federation cloud services within the existing cloud infrastructures. To achieve this and to ensure an open and transparent character the Association facilitates the development of an open software infrastructure.

What we do ?

The Gaia-X Association will develop technical solutions and regulatory frameworks and ensure that necessary central facilities as well key federation services to guarantee the envisaged data infrastructure are made available. 

The activities of the Gaia-X Association are based on three main objectives:

Specify – Architecture and Federation Services specification

Federation Services are the minimum technical requirements and services necessary for the operation of federated Gaia-X ecosystems. They connect the infrastructure and the data ecosystem. The Association will document, describe and validate the key ‘Federation services’. The AISBL will publish a ‘reference architecture’ which contains all existing and applicable existing standards, depicting the meta-model and the deployment of software components constituting it. In addition, AISBL will publish the specification of the federation services.

Implement – Open-source software code

The ‘reference architecture’ and the federation services specified by the Gaia-X Association need to become operational in practice. For this reason, the Gaia-X Association will develop an open-source ‘reference implementation’ (software code) based on the federation service specification.

Test – Instruments of certification

Each implementation based on the reference implementation of the Gaia-X Federation Services used in cloud/edges needs to be tested. The Gaia-X Association will provide guiding principles for an automated ‘conformity test’. The conformity check will validate the regulatory design and the correct implementation of the software.

Gaia-X Association Organigram

Organisational structure

The General Assembly is composed of all members of the Gaia-X Association. The General Assembly has full power to achieve the goals of the Gaia-X European Association for Data and Cloud AISBL.

The Board of Directors decides on important matters regarding the Gaia-X Association. It is headed by a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson. 

The Management Board manages the daily activities of the Gaia-X Association. The Management Board is composed of one Chief Executive Officer (CEO), one Chief Operating Officer (COO), one Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and one Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and further staff in the secretariat.

The Policy Rules Committee is responsible for endorsing policies and rules related to the Gaia-X Data Ecosystem and its operation (together the "Data Ecosystem Policy Rules"). The Committee is headed by one Chairperson and one Vice-Chairperson.
Learn more about the Policy Rules Committee.

The Technical Committee is responsible for all technical matters relating to the purpose of the Association. It decides on the Technical Architecture, the Architecture of Standards and the Open Source Software Portfolio, including the Federation Services. It manages the inputs from the work packages, coordinates demonstrators and use cases.
Read more about the Technical Committee.

The Data Space Business Committee supports the creation of data spaces. Its mission is to actively stimulate and support the establishing of Data Spaces across but not limited to Europe, build recommendations of best practices for data space commodities and related generic design principles.
Find out more about the Data Space Business Committee.

Discover our Committees Factsheet.

Working Groups

The Working Groups within the Association deal with defined tasks. They are managed by the Technical Committee.

  • This Working Group works with the Hubs to check that the work of the Data Spaces and the use cases are in line with Gaia-X objectives. It structures the requirements from the consumers of data, services and infrastructure and prioritises them. The members of the Working Group regularly exchange information with the hubs about their experiences and the implementation of Data Spaces.

  • This Working Group defines the requirements for the Technical Architecture for Gaia-X, the Architecture of Standards, Policy and Rules and the Federation Services. Therefore, it structures the requirements from the providers and prioritises them. It suggests implementation projects and initiatives. Finally, the Working Group is developing the provider ecosystem and a provider community.

  • This working group establishes links with other associations, initiatives and projects and thus identifies potential cooperation partners. It is the contact point for organisations interested in cooperation. It discusses the interoperability of Gaia-X with them and plans a joint roadmap. If this results in new requirements for Gaia-X, it passes this information on to the relevant working group.

  • The Federation Services are specified by this Working Group. It coordinates the development of the services as an open source software project. It aligns all activities with the corresponding policies. It facilitates the Architecture Decision Record and summarises the decisions for the Architecture of Standards.

  • This Working Group defines, develops, and governs the Technical Architecture, which is defined within the “Architecture of Standards” (AoS) of Gaia-X. It ensures architectural integrity and consistency, controls the quality and assesses the proposals and interconnections across the whole project.

  • This Working Groups develops and governs the Gaia-X Portfolio. In doing so, it develops the value proposition for Gaia-X service providers and customers. With this value proposition, the Working Group positions Gaia-X within the project and in the public domain. It derives portfolio requirements and solution approaches, developing a roadmap based on the requirements of consumers, providers and the Technical Architecture of Gaia-X.

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Why become a member?

Lay the foundations

You get exclusive access to the technical development and to the decision making and consultation processes​ on technical aspects.

Shape the future

You can take over an active role within the working groups and committees within the Association. ​

Set standards

Be part of the discussion which standards Gaia-X should be based on and how to ensure Gaia-X is accessible for all domains and users. ​

Knowledge exchange

You have access to all collaboration platforms, webinars and deep dives to learn about Gaia-X and to share your experiences.

Become a member in 4 steps

Would you like to play an active role in shaping the future of Gaia-X? All are welcome - we look forward to hearing from you, whether you are a large company, a SME, a start-up, an association or a research institute.


Use our contact form and let us know that you are interested in becoming a member.


We will email you the documents you need to fill out for your application.


Fill in the documents and send them back to us by e-mail.


We will come back to you with the decision taken by the Board of Directors.