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Vertical Ecosystems

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What are they?

Gaia-X Vertical Ecosystems support the creation and development of Data Spaces and projects.

Data Space creation and delivery is one of the core elements that Gaia-X tries to realise in a single or multiple vertical ecosystems. i.e. Health, Infrastructure, Tourism and more, which could potentially multiply the overall business impact and replicate the delivery of additional data spaces in a snowball effect in as many vertical ecosystems as possible.

The aim of vertical ecosystems is to share data space knowledge and collect cross-country use-cases while giving Gaia-X Association members the opportunity to network, collaborate and identify open standards related to specific domains.

The Gaia-X Data Space Business Committee supports the link with and across the vertical ecosystems to ensure the development and application of Gaia-X deliverables in specific domains.

An indicative list of the current vertical ecosystems include the following:

Aerospace, Agriculture, Circular Economy, Education, Energy, Finance, Geoinformation, Health, Manufacturing / Industry 4.0, Media, Mobility, Public Sector, Smart Cities, Smart Living, Space and Logistics.

Further details about Data Spaces, are available here.

Which Vertical Ecosystems exist?

Inquiries about the Vertical Ecosystems

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