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Gaia-X will ultimately allow access to a product and service portfolio from a variety of cloud providers. Transparency regarding the products and services given is of paramount importance. As a result, each user can select the solution that best meets his or her requirements.

The user interface is at the heart of Gaia-X development, supporting the evolution of data spaces. Ultimately, users retain the  control over their data. This means that each user and  business can choose where their data is stored, who can handle it, and for what purpose it is used.

They can also use the data infrastructure to access data pools and AI applications. Data can be shared across businesses, linked to other data, processed, and used to generate value. This encourages innovation, allows for the usage of synergies, and the development of new business models.

Many of the sector-specific use cases submitted to the Gaia-X Hubs highlight the benefits of data infrastructure. The Gaia-X Hubs’ mission is to continuously explore, develop, and execute novel use cases that demonstrate the necessity for and value of the sovereign data infrastructure. Use cases also aid in the identification of sector-specific and cross-sectoral requirements. These are then integrated in the Gaia-X development.

Wishing to learn more about our use cases, please search below by sector and country.

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