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On this page you will find session recordings and sponsor videos recorded during Market-X

Market-X Session Recordings

  DAY 1 – 14 March

  DAY 2 – 15 March

Inspirational Speech

Welcome Day 2

Digital Transformation

Data Service Ecosystems for Green Transition

Gaia-X State of the Union

Political Panel

Data Spaces Business Alliance (DSBA)

Data Spaces Support Centre (DSSC)

From Analog to Digital Value Chains – The Need to Transform the Industrial Ecosystem

Gaia-X Digital Clearing House Panel

Operationalisation and Market Adoption of Gaia-X

Gaia-X Priorities & Enablers

Gaia-X Framework Architecture Update

European Initiative for Manufacturing

Platinum Partner: Mobility Data Space

Platinum Partner: DAWEX

Wrap Up First Day