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This section provides a snapshot of the organisational structure of Gaia-X, including the Association, and its management board, the national hubs and the community as a whole.


Gaia-X represents the core of the organisation. It was founded to develop the technical framework and the Gaia-X Trust Framework. Its members, are either companies with a provider or user background of data infrastructure, IT-start-ups, research institutions or business associations that are aligning with Gaia-X to federate cloud services within the existing cloud infrastructures.

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Gaia-X Ecosystems support the creation and development of data spaces and projects, aiming to share data space knowledge; collect cross-country use-cases and enable members to network, collaborate and identify open standards related to specific domains.

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The Hubs are the national and central contact points and grass root supporters of Gaia-X in each country. They have an independent status and are not a body of the Association, but they work together to create use cases, business value, create data spaces and engage new members to the Association.

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The open-source Gaia-X Community comprises the overall Gaia-X network. On the basis of working groups, users and providers work hand in hand to deliver the milestones of Gaia-X: the architecture, the labelling, the policy rules and the trust framework. Everyone is welcome to join the Community to share their knowledge, expertise and advice through a series of meetings, hackathons, tech dives, conferences, articles, magazines, and podcasts to name a few – all of which present the means to drive the community forward.

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Lighthouse Projects

These projects aim to create a data exchange platform built on transparency, trust, and openness, targeting multiple industries, such as Agriculture, Mobility and Manufacturing, to name  a few. These projects will help us bring and create a coherent data space of sharing data, helping to leverage Gaia-X’s use cases to build the current lighthouse pipeline and build a comprehensive pipeline of future lighthouse projects.

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