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Gaia-X concludes its first health data space event on a high note!

From thought-provoking panel discussions to interactive presentations to use case discussions, the event was packed with stimulating content towards building a trustable, scalable, and efficient health data space in Europe

28 April 2022 – Brussels, Belgium: Gaia-X, an organisation championing data sovereignty, concluded its first data space event focused on the health sector on 4 April 2022. The event was the first step from Gaia-X to build a scalable and trustable health data space in Europe truly empowered by the principles of creating a citizen-centric, sovereign, and federated system.

“We received an overwhelming response to this one-day virtual event that saw decision-makers come together to brainstorm ideas and create a framework towards establishing an insight-driven health data space”, said Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO of Gaia-X.

The event titled “Enable the future of health: federated, citizen-centric, and insight-driven!” was conceptualised to establish the crucial need to create a decentralised health data space in Europe. Citizens get complete autonomy over their data and the freedom to share it with care providers and with researchers of their choice.

“The multi-disciplinary keynote speakers addressed some of the key questions imperative towards building a decentralised health data space. The three use case themes – patient-driven measurements and outcomes, longitudinal patient records exploration and genomics, imaging and clinical data for cancer care and rare diseases – discussed in detail at the breakout sessions have emerged as priorities for the working group,” said Bert Verdonck, Program Manager Health Data Spaces, Philips.

During the keynote presentations, breakout sessions, and panel discussions, some common needs emerged: identity and consent management, reliable and scalable data infrastructures and governance frameworks to support use cases, and a robust framework for developing and adopting trustable artificial intelligence.

The overarching goal of the event was for Gaia-X, health professionals and the industry in Europe to come together to make health data accessible at scale and to enable the creation of health insights. “Digitalisation is changing the way we live our lives. It has made a huge impact on every aspect. We are harnessing its power and reach to create a sovereign and trustable data space that protects patients’ privacy and provides them access to the best care possible,” Ulf Nehrbass, Luxembourg Institute of Health, added.

Moderators of the event, Ulf Nehrbass, and Bert Verdonck, in cooperation with the Gaia-X team, brought everyone together to ensure a series of stimulating discussions throughout the event.
The participants are invited to continue this work in the existing Gaia-X health working group as well as the newly established working groups for the common building blocks. Interested participants are encouraged to sign up via the group email address:

To watch the recording of the entire session and go through the presentations of the day, please here.

Special thanks to LuxInnovation for hosting this event.